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Custom Orthotics

Find Comfort and Warmth this Winter with Custom Orthotics and Boots


Offering individuals the best overall foot comfort experience, Corey’s Bootery can provide custom orthotics and boots to anyone looking for comfort and warmth this winter and beyond. As temperatures keep dropping toward the first official day of winter, it is important to have the proper footwear in the upcoming season to stay warm and keep your feet dry. We carry some of the best boots in the business and can help you find the perfect style and fit to ensure a comfortable boot-wearing experience.

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Diabetic Socks

Find Overall Foot Comfort with Effective Diabetic Socks


Those that suffer from diabetes know that when you have foot neuropathy as a condition, you want effective solutions that you can count on, and the diabetic socks from Corey’s Bootery can help you live more comfortably like you are meant to. Approved by our doctors and designed to ease the conditions that those with diabetes face, Spenco diabetic socks are the brand designed and manufactured to best help those in need. With years of experience providing customers with the best diabetic socks for their conditions, Corey’s Bootery can also provide you with the diabetic socks you need, when you need them.

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Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Modify Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for the Best Comfort


Shoes for plantar fasciitis can be a great first step to a more comfortable step for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, but modifications to these shoes can make each step perfect. Corey’s Bootery has worked with customers suffering from a wide variety of foot troubles, and we have the capabilities and tools at the ready to make any adjustments that those dealing with foot pain might need. Anyone can get around in style and pain free by getting plantar fasciitis shoes that have been modified by our team.

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Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Relieve Feet During Trips Using Plantar Fasciitis Shoes


With warmer weather quickly making its way back to us once again, we are all going to be out and about more, and that is when those with foot pains can benefit most from plantar fasciitis shoes. Long walks down a pier at the beach, roaming the downtown shopping center, and more can be made much more enjoyable when those suffering from plantar fasciitis have some relief provided by their footwear. Corey’s Bootery carries all the brands that those with foot pains could need to help them stay comfortable through summer and beyond.

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Diabetic Shoes

Comfortably Get Back On Your Feet in the New Year with Diabetic Shoes


Now that we have all had the time to sit back and relax during the holiday season, anyone suffering from daily diabetic foot pains can comfortably get back on their feet in the New Year with diabetic shoes. COVID has had many of us sitting around the house more than usual this last year, and the holidays are often a time where we relax with the family. So, if you are making a commitment to lose a few extra pounds in the New Year or simply want to get up and moving as your resolution, consider the footwear from Corey’s Bootery for your diabetic footwear needs.

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Foot Orthotics

How Foot Orthotics are Made with Corey’s Bootery


Customers with us at Corey’s Bootery are always grateful for the relief we can provide through our foot orthotics, so we are more than willing to share the techniques that we use to make your time spent on your feet comfortable. Every customer that comes through Corey’s Bootery for custom orthotics gets the care and attention they need, and our team of professionals uses the same techniques for everyone to get an individual’s specific orthotics crafted to help them reduce the pain of being on their feet.

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Arch Supports

Reduce Overall Pain through Effective Arch Supports


As everyone is getting back out and back to work, some may come across pain they haven’t had to deal with in a while, and a good contender for the cause of that pain is from lack of proper arch supports. With individuals back on the job, many are back on their feet for long periods of the day compared to what they were during quarantine, and it is during this time that body pains related to arch support could start to show themselves.

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Diabetic Footwear

Receive Diabetic Footwear from Knowledgeable Professionals


Anyone suffering from diabetes knows that shoes are an important part of living with the disease, and the diabetic footwear from Corey’s Bootery can give you the tool you need to not only live effectively, but also live comfortably. With 4 ABC certified pedorthists and a large variety of footwear options for every customer, you can be sure to find the shoes you need for diabetic needs with Corey’s Bootery.

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Custom Orthotics

Avoid Common Pains with Relief through Custom Orthotics


A significant number of people suffer from commons pains such as knee or back pain every day, but, using the right custom orthotic, these pains may be avoided. Corey’s Bootery crafts orthotics that to correct the alignment of your body to assist in removing unnecessary pressure from joints. With many individuals working jobs that leave them on their feet often, a custom-made orthotic can be the difference between you leaving work sore or not.

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Shoes for Flat Feet

Improve Gait and Reduce Pain with Shoes for Flat Feet


Having flat feet can be a regular problem for children and adults alike, but with shoes for flat feet at Corey’s Bootery, you can better avoid any detrimental affects you might suffer because of it. Whether from genetics, excessive weight, poor footwear/arch support, or excessive pronation, flat feet can develop and cause issues. So, rather than accept your condition once it develops, you can take the simple step of providing yourself with the footwear you need to decrease pain.

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Work Boots in Kalamazoo

Stay Protected on the Job with Work Boots in Kalamazoo


When on the job, you not only need to keep your feet protected, but you need to find the right work boots in Kalamazoo to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Corey’s Bootery carries a large variety of Chippewa boots, a great brand specifically designed to offer safety and comfort every time you put them on.

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Shoe Repair in Kalamazoo

Get Ready for Summer with the Best Shoe Repair in Kalamazoo


If you have a favorite pair of shoes you can’t wait to put on this summer, but don’t think you can because of damage or wear they’ve sustained, Corey’s Bootery can provide the best shoe repair in Kalamazoo. With experts always on staff and ready to help, Corey’s Bootery is the shoe store that you can depend on no matter what sort of repairs your footwear needs.

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Foot Insoles

Support Your Feet this Year with Effective Foot Insoles


Foot pain is something that no one wants to deal with on a daily basis, and, with the proper foot insoles, you can avoid pain in your feet as you walk into a New Year. Corey’s Bootery is the experienced provider of quality footwear and foot comfort. No matter the discomfort you may be facing with your feet, Corey’s Bootery is sure to have the solutions to help.

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Arch Supports

Receive Arch Supports Like No Other with Naot


One of our favorite brands at Corey’s Bootery that offers our customers some of the best arch supports available is Naot. With the shoes, boots, and sandals offered by Naot, you not only get footwear that feels great, but with the designs and colors of their shoes, you look great too. With the largest selection of Naot in the Kalamazoo area, Corey’s Bootery is ready to give to you some of the best arch supports on the market.

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Diabetic Shoes

Supplement Your Diabetic Shoes with Spenco Diabetic Socks


As you know, diabetes can affect your day-to-day activities, and diabetic shoes are a good counter-measure to any pain or numbness caused by poor circulation. However, whenever you’re at home or at a guest’s, you may not be wearing your shoes while inside for either cleanliness or respect for your friend’s home. When these situations arise, it’s best to have another solution to ease your pain, and diabetic socks from Spenco are a great choice.

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