How to Tell it’s Time for Shoe Repair


Shoes—like bridges, cars, and health—are just one of those things we take for granted until something goes wrong. And when the time finally comes to get your shoes repaired, the problem has likely already gone on for quite some time. Just like with your car’s “Check Engine” light, the solution could have been cheap if the problem had been caught in advance.

But this begs the question: how do you tell which time is the right time for shoe repair? Well, in this month’s blog post, we’re discussing signs that your shoes need repair.

Orthopedic Shoe Repair

It’s especially important to know when your shoes need repair if you use orthopedic shoes or diabetic footwear. Not only are these types of shoes exceptionally expensive, but they also pose medical benefits that could be negated without proper upkeep. With this in mind, here are a few things to look out for with your orthopedic shoes:

Visible Damage. The first, most obvious sign of wear and tear in an orthopedic shoe is visible damage. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to check for this type of damage. We recommend that once every 1-2 weeks, you take a few moments to visually inspect your shoes for damage.

Uncomfortable Fit. Another sign that your shoes need repair is an increasingly uncomfortable fit. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your orthopedic shoes, then first identify what feels uncomfortable on your foot. This will inform you which part of the shoe needs closer inspection and if it, ultimately, requires repairs.

Uneven Wear Patterns. If you notice uneven patterns in the wear on your shoes, that could be indicative not only of necessary shoe repairs, but also of a medical issue.

Shoe Repairs Offered at Corey’s Bootery

If you feel that it’s time to get shoe repair, then our professionals at Corey’s Bootery likely have the shoe repair services you need. Whether they’re orthopedic shoes, dress shoes, or just your kickarounds, we offer shoe repair services such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Sole Regluing
  • Heel Replacements
  • Salt Removal
  • Cleaning and Polish
  • And Many More

For a full list of the shoe repair services we offer, click here.

Whether you’re looking for aesthetic repairs or functional repairs for your shoes, you shouldn’t have to wait until the last moment to get the repairs you need. Click here to contact our team at Corey’s Bootery today.

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