Knee & Back Pains

Knee Pain100 million americans experience knee pain. Why let it affect your life?

Corey's Bootery can help you overcome knee pain. Kalamazoo, MI, patients often find their discomfort stems from the alignment of the foot.

The ability to stand upright is what makes humans different from all other animals. The feet contain 1/4 of the body's bones, and are the only part of the body that constantly contact the ground. Over 100 million Americans experience knee pain, but why let it affect your daily life? Corey's Bootery can help you get past knee pain and get back to doing what you love. Most all knee pains stem from the alignment of the foot.

Back PainBack problems can be just as much of a pain.

Nearly 80% of the population is affected by back pain or problems. Similar to sufferers of knee pain, Kalamazoo, MI, residents might find that their back pain is a result of the misalignment of the feet, knees, or hips. Your feet control the position of the knees, hips, back, and even shoulders. Corey's Bootery believes this makes them the most important part of the body.

Leg PainLeg length discrepancies may cause lower back pain!

Ever thought you might have different sized feet? You probably do, as more than 99% of population does. Why should their legs be any different? They are not. The human body is not symmetrical. This is oftentimes a cause of lower back pain. With the use of an orthotic or lift, Corey's Bootery can help you with your back pain.

Consult with your doctor or chiropractor for their recommendations and a detailed prescription.

The excessive forces put onto the leg can be extensive if there is excessive pronation or supination of the foot. With excessive pronation, the foot and leg are able to internally rotate, which causes extensive stress to the leg, knee, and back, resulting in extensive use of particular muscles and ligaments.

You may be familiar with hearing the terms "knock kneed" or "bow legged." This is often due to the foot's position or misalignment. Custom orthotics are one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for leg, or shin aches or pains.

Corey's Bootery designs their custom orthotics to support proper alignment, minimizing leg, hip, back, and knee pain. Kalamazoo, MI, residents who suffer from these issues should talk to their doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, or health care professionals for a detailed prescription.