diabetic footwear

How to Tell it’s Time for Shoe Repair


In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing signs that your shoes need repair.

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The Importance of Diabetic Footwear


For individuals living with diabetes, taking care of their feet is crucial to maintain overall health and prevent complications. 

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When it comes to your feet, it’s important to prevent damage before it happens r

Finding the Right Orthopedic Shoe Solution for You


When it comes to your feet, it’s important to prevent damage before it happens rather than waiting and trying to fix something after the fact. They’re your feet, after all; you really only get the two of them.

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Diabetic Footwear

Protect Feet in Winter with Diabetic Footwear


The cold, winter months can be hard on our hands and feet, so having the proper diabetic footwear is especially important during this time of year for those dealing with diabetic foot troubles. From drying out our skin to causing joints to tighten up from the cold, there are a variety of issues that the winter months bring with them that those with diabetes can protect themselves against with the proper care.

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Diabetic Footwear

Receive Diabetic Footwear from Knowledgeable Professionals


Anyone suffering from diabetes knows that shoes are an important part of living with the disease, and the diabetic footwear from Corey’s Bootery can give you the tool you need to not only live effectively, but also live comfortably. With 4 ABC certified pedorthists and a large variety of footwear options for every customer, you can be sure to find the shoes you need for diabetic needs with Corey’s Bootery.

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