Custom Orthotics to Ease Knee and Back Pain


Often time, and for good reason, individuals suffering from back pain tend to feel that their pain is a result of some damage that has been done to their back. While this is often the cause for back pain, you may be surprised to learn that back pain can just as easily be referred pain from a different part of the body.

Because the spine is where nerves from all around the body bundle up, harm that comes to your extremities may manifest itself as pain you feel in your back. Additionally, the job of your spine to keep you postured correctly is difficult one, and any structural issues with your feet can cause sever back pain. In this month’s blog post, we want to discuss the effects that feet can have on the spine, and how custom orthotics and proper arch support can help ease your back pain in a matter of hours.

Custom Orthotics for Correcting Imbalanced Strides

If you notice you begin to accumulate back pain while walking, you may find that imbalances in your stride and possibly even foot pronation may be the major contributing factor. This is because nerves such as the sciatic nerve connects from the lower back to your feet. When consistent pressure is applied to the sciatic nerve in the foot, therefore, you’ll experience pain in your lower back.

To address this, we at Corey’s Bootery offer custom orthotics for individuals who frequently experience discomfort due to pinching of the sciatic nerve. Like a fingerprint, every foot is different, and the impacts of your foot structure on your nerves will be unique to you. When you work with us at

Ailments Custom Orthotics Addresses

If you’ve been diagnosed with foot ailments, then you may have been recommended pursuing custom orthotics for those ailments. Though it may not seem like it, orthotics can treat a wide variety of foot issues that you may not expect.

Some such conditions are:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Flat Feet
  • Pronation
  • Foot Complications from Diabetes

Custom orthotics to treat conditions such as the ones mentioned above are generally casted using foam boxes, though we at Corey’s Bootery actually scan your foot using the state-of-the-art Delcam IQUBE, which create a 3D model of your foot that we use to cast the optimal footwear.

Are you interested in getting the right custom orthotics to help address your foot and back pain? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at Corey’s Bootery today.

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