Foot Pains

Foot health is extremely important and Corey's Bootery is dedicated to educating customers and the general public about foot conditions, foot pain, and proper shoe size.

Your feet take a lot of abuse, often leading to pain and discomfort. Corey's Bootery understands the importance of overall foot health and wants to help ease your foot pain. With the help of a local podiatrist, people in Kalamazoo and surrounding area can begin to take steps to have the cause of their foot pain treated. That starts with finding a foot specialist. When you visit a doctor, he or she can find out the root of your discomfort. Once the cause is determined, Corey's Bootery can work with you and your doctor, deciding on the perfect treatment for your individual needs.

Corey's Bootery has four Certified Pedorthists who have been extensively trained in foot conditions, foot pain, and treatment options. Our caring staff looks forward to working with your doctor to treat your foot pain. Refer to the Foot Conditions page if you have been diagnosed by a physician and are looking for information regarding your foot diagnosis. If you are looking for a foot specialist in your area, please click the link below to find a Podiatrist. For insurance coverage you may need a referral from your primary care physician to see a specialist or a podiatrist.

Kalamazoo, MI, Physicians will be able to tell you whether or not a referral is necessary when you call their offices.

Click the links below for information on your foot pains or for help finding a local podiatrist. People in the Kalamazoo/Portage, Mi. and surrounding area suffering from any sort of foot discomfort should give us a call to learn how our treatment options can help them.

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