Our mission is to improve the quality of an individuals life through the use of Proper Footwear and/or Orthotics to correct the musculoskeletal alignment of the body.

Corey's Bootery has been a family owned business since 1973. In the 80's Mr. Corey gradually became more specialized in the treatment of foot pathologys. Craig Corey later became one of Kalamazoo's first Certified Pedorthists. Corey's Bootery fills hundreds of prescriptions every month from Primary Care Physicians, Pedorthists and Chiropractors in the Kalamazoo and the surrounding area. These prescriptions range anywhere from Orthopedic Shoes, Custom Orthotics, Custom Shoes and a range of Shoe Modifications.

Corey's Bootery has advanced to an ABC Accredited Facility and employs 4 Certified Pedorthists. These Pedorthists are continually pursuing further education and knowledge in footcare. With our highly trained staff you can feel confident you are recieving the best treatment and care whether you are just looking for a more comfortable shoe or are in need of more specific assistance.

Corey's staff understands the best way to increase awareness of foot pathology is to provide knowledge and education. Our staff will provide information on foot health, proper shoes and physicians in the area. This information is available to you here on our website.

Corey's Bootery strives to play a part in the Kalamazoo community and appreciates your continued support. Check out our facebook page for weekly updates on what is happening with Corey's Bootery.