What is Arch Support and Why is it Important?

Arch Supports

When we at Corey’s Bootery tell patients they need arch supports in their shoes, they may not fully understand what they entail. From custom orthotics to shoes that are picked out and recommended by certified pedorthists and crafted by experienced shoesmiths. Corey’s Bootery provides a variety of ways for customers to get arch supports that their feet might need to ensure that they can always get around pain-free.

Our foot specialists work with our customers every step of the way to help them find the arch supports that best provide their feet with the aid that they need to work how they should.

What arch support means

To learn why arch support is recommended by our team and important to your overall health, it is first important to understand what arch support is. The arch of our feet is what supports the rest of our body while we’re standing and helps with regular gait when running, jogging, walking, etc. through absorbing energy from out foot hitting the ground and using it to propel us forward.  

So, when you have an irregular arch that can’t perform these tasks as it should, it can lead to pain in other areas of the body. Ever individual has a different arch, so it is important to get arch support if yours strays too farm from the shape it needs to be to provide the best support to your body.

Why arch support should be considered

Proper arch supports can make a night and day difference to those with an irregular arch shape. Whether you have a flat arch (flat feet) or a high arch, it is likely that your body takes on much of the strain that your arch normally would, causing pain in other areas. Arch supports help your feet to absorb the shock of motion much easier, improve posture and stability to reduce pain related to them, and improve any pain that other parts of your feet, legs, and hips face from too much pressure being applied to them.

And, because we often help diabetic customers who suffer from neuropathy, we think it is important to point out that a proper arch support can also help to reduce the risk of ulceration.

Whether it is to reduce strain in your stride or to ensure your existing health problems are added onto because of an irregular arch shape, arch supports from Corey’s Bootery are a great consideration. Contact our team to learn more or get your own today!

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