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Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size

Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size


We all know that one size does not fit all when it comes to shoes. What the staff at Corey’s Bootery likes about Brooks is that the maker of running and walking shoes knows it doesn’t stop with size.

Brooks understands foot types, and designs specific shoe models to accommodate those types, from flat feet to high arches. The company also pays special attention to overpronation, the inward roll of the foot while running or walking. The effect is more pronounced when running, as a runner who over-pronates tends to push off almost entirely from the big toe and second toe. Rather than the shock from the foot’s impact to the ground spreading evenly through the foot, the impact is borne almost entirely near the big toe. There’s a marked angle as well between the foot and ankle, reducing stability to the rest of the body.

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Naot Sandal

Corey's Bootery's Annual Naot Trunk Show


Join us April 18th & 19th for our annual Naot Trunk Show for great deals on your favorite Naot sandals.

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Is a custom orthotic right for me?

Is a custom orthotic right for me?


Are custom orthotics right for you? If you experience foot, knee, hip, or back pain custom orthotics may be the answer!

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Orthotic Sandals and Flip Flops

Orthotic Sandals and Flip Flops


There is a common misconception that if you need to wear orthotics, then you can't wear sandals or flip-flops. Here at Corey's Bootery of Kalamazoo, we are happy to tell you that this is simply not true.

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Are your running shoes too short?

Are your running shoes too short?


There are a lot of different options and stores out there where people can purchase their running shoes in Kalamazoo. What separates Corey's Bootery from the other stores is the quality of our product and our highly trained and experienced staff.

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