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Shoe Polish

The Key to Getting the Most Out of Your Shoes… Regular Cleaning and Polishing


It's easy to overlook cleaning and polishing your shoes, especially if they don't look worn. While some may find the act of sitting down, cracking open a tin of polish and working the leather of their shoes relaxing, many people find it hard to dedicate the time to a task that they feel isn't necessary. Well, we're here to tell you that not only is shoe polishing necessary, it's the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your favorite pair of designer shoes. Your shoes will feel more comfortable, look better and – most importantly – last longer if you regularly set aside time to clean and polish them.

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Leather Shoes

Why It Is Important To Condition Your Designer Leather Shoes


Shoes are the most important part of any outfit and, unfortunately, they take the more abuse than any other item in your closet. From salted pavement to rain-wetted sidewalks, our shoes are subjected to a vast number of caustic and damaging elements every day. To maintain them, most people use a moisture-resistant spray that repels water and prevents long-term damage. However, there is an additional measure that can be taken to keep your shoes in the best condition possible: leather conditioning. In this post, we're going to look at why leather conditioning is critical to the health of your shoes and, more importantly, how it can keep your favorite pair of designer shoes in action longer.

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Managing Knee, Leg and Back Pain with Custom Orthotics from Corey’s Bootery

Managing Knee, Leg and Back Pain with Custom Orthotics from Corey’s Bootery


Over 100 million Americans suffer from knee pain and 80% suffer back problems. Bearing those numbers in mind, it’s no surprise that many people are seeking assistance from doctors, chiropractors and podiatrists. At Corey’s Bootery, we understand the aggravation and limitations that these conditions place on people and, to help combat them, we’ve developed a range of skills and services that aim to provide relief.

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Orthofeet Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Shoes Can Help You Keep Your Feet Happy


Since our earliest days, Corey’s Bootery has focused on creating fashionable, effective diabetic footwear. With over 50% of all lower limb amputations caused by improperly fit shoes, we know the importance of providing diabetic shoes that protect the wearer’s feet. However, many people still hesitate to obtain their shoes due to a number of concerns. Are they fashionable? Do they work? Is diabetic footwear expensive? In this post, we’d like to address these concerns and give you five reasons that everyone with diabetes should consider diabetic footwear.

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Taps and Rubber Soles

The Advantages of Taps and Rubber Soles


After buying a nice, expensive pair of shoes, one of the first questions many people ask is, “How can I protect these and keep them in great condition?” While there are a lot of options out there, from leather conditioner and shoe wax to shoe trees and canvas bags, one of the easiest ways to guard your shoes against everyday wear and tear is with rubber soles and shoe taps. Affixed to the heel and sole of your shoes, these simple items will minimize the damage caused by walking, especially if your shoes have leather soles. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few of the advantages of using shoe tips, taps and rubber soles.

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Shoe Repair

Should You Replace or Repair Worn Out Shoes?


When it comes to footwear, it’s always sad to see a good pair of shoes get decommissioned due to damage or wear. Over time, we all get attached to our shoes. They become our daily companions, they mold to our feet and, in many ways, become an extension of who we are. From the way they work with our personal style to the comfort they offer after months of being broken in, losing your favorite pair of shoes is extremely disheartening. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that a good shoe repair shop can repair almost any damage that has occurred to your shoes.

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Want the Best in Comfort and Style? Try Custom Shoes from Corey’s Bootery

Want the Best in Comfort and Style? Try Custom Shoes from Corey’s Bootery


At the end of a long work day, do your feet regularly ache? Do you have trouble finding shoes in just the right size? Are you tired of your shoes falling apart due to your unique gait? Well, you’re in luck! Corey’s Bootery offers the best custom shoes in Kalamazoo. Not only are custom shoes a stylish addition to your existing wardrobe, they’re hand crafted with your feet in mind. As a result, you’ll experience a greater level of comfort and your new custom shoes will last longer than off-the-shelf options.

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Common Causes of Foot Pain and Their Solutions

Common Causes of Foot Pain and Their Solutions


Recurring foot pain can make your daily activities a real burden. If you spend any amount of time on your feet, even a dull, nagging pain can interrupt your schedule and slow you down. Whether you’re on your feet taking care of your children or you’re running errands at work, even the easiest jobs can be made difficult when foot pain becomes involved. In this post, we’re going to look at a few common causes of foot pain and, more importantly, what we recommend to reduce discomfort.

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The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics


Custom orthotics, unlike over the counter inserts, are fully tailored to their wearer’s needs. By using a combination of cutting edge technology and software, a custom orthotic can be fabricated to help alleviate pain, align the feet and increase the body’s overall performance. At Corey’s Bootery, we get a lot of questions about the advantages of custom orthotics over less expensive off the shelf options so, today, we’d like to take a look at a few of the major benefits of custom orthotics.

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How to Select the Right Safety Shoes

How to Select the Right Safety Shoes


Choosing the best safety shoes for your job can be difficult. The ever increasing demands of the workplace combined with the breadth of options available in modern safety footwear can be overwhelming. With so many choices, how can you determine what’s best for you? Do you need metatarsal protection? What is metatarsal protection, anyway? Today, we’re going to take discuss some of the features that modern safety shoes offer and, hopefully, help you make an informed decision.

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How to Care for Your Designer Leather Shoes

How to Care for Your Designer Leather Shoes


Owning a good pair of designer leather shoes is like a marriage. It starts off amazing: walks in the park, constant attention and loving, tender care. Over time, it’s easy to begin taking your shoes for granted. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and stop treating them with the respect they deserve. In short, it’s easy to give up on your shoes. Like any spouse, though, a good pair of leather shoes can last you a lifetime. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips that will help you extend – possibly even indefinitely – the life of your most beloved pair of shoes.

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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Feet & How We Can Help

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Feet & How We Can Help


If you have diabetes, you know that there are certain things you have to be more careful about than others do. If you have diabetes and have too much sugar in your blood for a long time, it can create serious complications, including—surprisingly enough—foot problems. The two main problems include:

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Flip Out Your Flip-Flops and Foot Pain for Vionic Sandals

Flip Out Your Flip-Flops and Foot Pain for Vionic Sandals


Though it might have just snowed a couple days ago (ouch!), spring and warmer weather is promised to be just around the corner. And synonymous with warm weather are flip-flops. But while they may be trendy and easy on the wallet, they aren’t doing your body any favors.

With literally no support for your arches and very little cushioning for your heel, you’re better off going barefoot—if it weren’t for the potential of walking on glass or developing plantar warts.

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These (Chippewa) Boots Are Made for Walking…Hiking…Working

These (Chippewa) Boots Are Made for Walking…Hiking…Working


At Corey’s Bootery, we carry Chippewa Boots because they are rich in heritage and “built with the guts and determination of the loggers and engineers who paved the way, built the roads, and constructed the buildings that have made this country what it is today.” Their slogan, “The Best. By Far,” isn’t just a saying. It’s a truth.

We know boots, and that’s why we know to provide Chippewa. The offered Goodyear welt construction provides added support and durability to the boot. Plus, they are completely repairable, making them well worth the investment. Many other brands may offer similar boots at a lower cost, but they will lack the comfort and resilience that Chippewa boots provide.

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Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size

Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size


We all know that one size does not fit all when it comes to shoes. What the staff at Corey’s Bootery likes about Brooks is that the maker of running and walking shoes knows it doesn’t stop with size.

Brooks understands foot types, and designs specific shoe models to accommodate those types, from flat feet to high arches. The company also pays special attention to overpronation, the inward roll of the foot while running or walking. The effect is more pronounced when running, as a runner who over-pronates tends to push off almost entirely from the big toe and second toe. Rather than the shock from the foot’s impact to the ground spreading evenly through the foot, the impact is borne almost entirely near the big toe. There’s a marked angle as well between the foot and ankle, reducing stability to the rest of the body.

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