Podiatrists & Foot Specialists

Corey's Bootery has been working with Podiatrists and physicians in the Kalamazoo and surrounding area for over 25 years. Podiatrist and foot specialists are the most important part of proper foot health and footcare. Corey's Bootery's staff recommends annual visits to the podiatrist as your foot health effects your overall health. We have built this list of podiatrists to assist those in need of a podiatrist. If you are experiencing foot pain or foot problems schedule an appointment to see your podiatrist or one on this list to obtain a proper diagnosis/treatment of your feet. Once you have an accurate diagnosis, Corey's team of Certfied Pedorthists will help you overcome foot pain and/or foot surgery.

What is a Podiatrist or DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)?

A Podiatrist often known as a podiatric physician. They are physicians or surgeons that specialize the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. A podiatrist is educated in the proper treatment, diagnosis, surgery, and prevention of foot pains, or problems. Most all podiatrists are board certified by APMA (The American Board of Podiatric Surgery). Annual visits to the podiatrist are extremely important to maintain good foot health.

It is even more important to see a Podiatrist or Physician for footcare if you are diabetic. Diabetes can have a huge impact on the feet. Therefore your feet need to be examined regularly by your doctor. It is recommended that you see your podiatrist or primary care physician for proper foot exams including nail treatment, callus treatment and prevention on regular basis.

Local Podiatrists