How to Safeguard Your Leather Winter Boots Against the Elements

Leather Winter Boots

With winter on the way, us Michiganders are starting the search for that perfect pair of leather winter boots. Whether you’re looking for something fleece-lined or steel-toed, it’s important to put a little time into prepping your boots for the cold, wet, icy, salty and generally unpleasant days to come. In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips that will – hopefully – help you safeguard your winter boots against the harsh elements.

1. Apply leather conditioner

Leather conditioner ensures that your boots are protected from the insidious moisture that comes with the winter season. When this moisture creeps into the crevices of your boots, it can cause stiffness, discomfort and, ultimately, complete failure.

2. Brush with soft bristles

Using a soft-bristled brush, make sure that your leather conditioner is contacting all of the hidden recesses of your leather winter boots. Take extra care when brushing the seams, as this is the most common place for moisture to enter your boots.

3. Consider resoling

If your boots have leather soles – which is uncommon in winter boots – you should definitely consider resoling them or having an additional layer added to the soles. Not only will this protect against moisture, it will ensure that you get better traction and grip when walking on snowy, icy surfaces.

At Corey’s Bootery, we know that a good pair of winter boots is hard to come by. It’s even tougher to get them to last several seasons. That’s why we strive to keep our customers informed and, more importantly, why we offer a wide range of shoe repair services. So, if you’ve just found the perfect pair of winter boots, we encourage you to stop by our shoe repair shop and talk with our staff about the steps that you can take to keep them in great condition!

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