Improve Gait and Reduce Pain with Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes for Flat Feet

Having flat feet can be a regular problem for children and adults alike, but with shoes for flat feet at Corey’s Bootery, you can better avoid any detrimental affects you might suffer because of it. Whether from genetics, excessive weight, poor footwear/arch support, or excessive pronation, flat feet can develop and cause issues. So, rather than accept your condition once it develops, you can take the simple step of providing yourself with the footwear you need to decrease pain.

Recognize symptoms

As flat feet are something that can develop later in life, it’s important to recognize the signs so you know when the appropriate time is to get the proper footwear. Often resulting in a “fallen arch,” flat feet can cause cramping of the lower extremities, knee pain and hip pain, and can often lead to a Bunion forming on the big toe from excessive work being put on that area of your foot. If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms and are diagnosed with flat feet. Corey’s Booty can provide the best shoes for flat feet in Kalamazoo to help take away some of the pain.

Our answer

For those suffering from flat feet, our solution is to give yourself all the resources we can provide to ensure you’re getting the best comfort possible. A pair of Brooks motion control shoes can help with the proper support you need, custom orthotics will help to adjust the arch of your foot to a comfortable position, and medial heel wedges can give the corrective adjustments for nights out. Whatever you need from your shoes for flat feet, Corey’s Bootery can either provide, or direct you to the resources that can help reduce your pain.

If you’re suffering from flat feet, Corey’s Bootery has the resources to help relieve some of your pain. Contact us today to see what options we have available to you.

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