Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size

Fitting a shoe takes more than the right shoe size

We all know that one size does not fit all when it comes to shoes. What the staff at Corey’s Bootery likes about Brooks is that the maker of running and walking shoes knows it doesn’t stop with size.

Brooks understands foot types, and designs specific shoe models to accommodate those types, from flat feet to high arches. The company also pays special attention to overpronation, the inward roll of the foot while running or walking. The effect is more pronounced when running, as a runner who over-pronates tends to push off almost entirely from the big toe and second toe. Rather than the shock from the foot’s impact to the ground spreading evenly through the foot, the impact is borne almost entirely near the big toe. There’s a marked angle as well between the foot and ankle, reducing stability to the rest of the body.

How do you know if your feet exhibit overpronation? Brooks gives a couple of simple tests on its websites to help you measure your pronation. In one test, you need to march in place in bare feet for three steps, then halt with your feet shoulder width apart. Have someone slide a credit card toward your ankle on the outside of the foot, and note where the credit card’s edge touches your foot first. If it touches the ankle bone first, you likely have no pronation. If the card touches both the ankle bone and where your foot touches the floor at the same time, you could have mild pronation. If the card touches where the foot hits the floor first, then you likely have moderate to overpronation.

Our staff at Corey’s can help you determine the amount of pronation you exhibit, and if you’re looking for an athletic shoe that compensates for overpronation, we’d recommend a Brooks shoe as a good choice.

One model of running shoe for men is the Beast 14. It provides stability, support and cushioning that makes it a great shoe for runners who tend to over-pronate. The Beast has a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for better control and a smoother run.

The Beast’s “sister shoe,” The Ariel for women, is built similarly for women runners who have a tendency to over-pronate.

If you need a running or walking shoe that’s truly made for your type of foot and the way you walk or run, come to Corey’s Bootery and let our staff you find a shoe that truly fits in more ways than a mere ruler can measure.

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