Are your running shoes too short?

Are your running shoes too short?

There are a lot of different options and stores out there where people can purchase their running shoes in Kalamazoo. What separates Corey's Bootery from the other stores is the quality of our product and our highly trained and experienced staff.

Most people purchase running shoes to fit tight and snug, claiming they have more control and comfort as they run. What many runners don't know is that running shoes should actually run a full size larger than your normal walking shoes. This may partly be the reason that 88% of americans wear the wrong size shoes.

When running, the weight on your feet is increased seven times its normal weight. Running results in the foot extending and flexing outward in the toes much more than when you are walking. You need to allow enough room in the shoe for the foot to get full extension, otherwise the toes may ram into the front of the shoe. This can cause blisters, hammer toes, claw toes, heavy callusing and ingrown toenails. It can also result in more heel and metatarsal pain by putting more pressure in these areas.

So for all you runners out there, take a good look at your feet. If you are noticing any of the above symptoms, you should consider purchasing a longer running shoe. This will benefit the health of your feet and make your running a much more enjoyable experience.

To get fitted for the right pair of running shoes for your specific needs, stop by Corey's Bootery today.

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