Pes Cavus - High Arches


Pes Cavus is a foot type that is very common foot type, it is recognized by an extremely high arch, and a heel that tends to roll the outside. At the ball of the foot their may be callussing located underneath the base of the first metatarsal, or pain located at the ball of the foot. The pes cavus foot tends to be in equinuis which describes the position of the heel in relevance to the midfoot. Equinis is when the heel of the foot is high in relevance to the ball of the foot.


A Pes Cavus foot type can be associated with an abnormal orthopedic or neurological condition, or be herditiary. Neuromuscular diseases that cause changes in muscle tone may be associated with the development of a pes cavus foot deformity.


Treatment options can range depending on the severity and the range of motion and flexibility of a pes cavus foot. Most times conservative treatment options such as custom orthotics and properly fit depth shoes will alleviate and prevent further issues or pain. If pain and discomfort pursists surgery is not uncommon to realign the foot and prevent issues such as tightening of the gastrocnemeus or achilles tendonitis. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist if you believe you have a pes cavus foot type for a proper diagnosis and reccommendation or treatment options.

Corey's Bootery Certified Pedorthist Recommendations:

Properly fit shoes with shock absorbing soles, rocker soles, heel lifts, stiff soled shoes, lateral wedges, and cutom orthosis with a first ray drop to relieve the pressure at the ball of the foot. If you have a high arch (Pes Cavus), we also recommend a consultation with your podiatrist/orthopedist for a prescription. Please click here for a list of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area providers.