Morton's Toe


Morton's toe (Morton's Syndrome) is a bone or joint problem, not to be confused with Morton's Neuroma. Morton's toe is a hereditary condition in which the first ray (big toe) is shorter than normal. A shorter than normal first metatarsal results in faulty weigh distribution that leads to excessive weight bearing to the second metatarsal. Tenderness or pain in the medial metatarsals with standing and walking activities is common. Usually both feet are affected. Morton's toe also is considered to be a precursor to musculoskeletal pain. The reason Morton's toe is often a precursor to musculoskeletal pain is its association with excessive pronation of the foot. When weight bearing, the longitudinal arch of the foot drops, and the ankle rolls inward.


Morton's toe is a hereditary condtion generally. Can also be caused by amputation or other surgical intervention.

Corey's Bootery Certified Pedorthist Recommendations:

In treating Morton's toe we consider the following; Properly fit depth shoes and proper length, medial heel wedges (if excessive pronation is present), rocker soles, functional foot orthoses with Morton's extension and full steel shank/graphite plate. If you suspect you have Morton's toe, we also recommend a consultation with your podiatrist/orthopedist for a prescription. Please click here for a list of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area providers.