Hammer Toes


Crooked, bent or buckled toes causing joints to protrude, generally upward. Corns develop at the joint protrusion if repetitive shoe pressure is applied. A flexible hammer toes is known as "reducible".


Hammer toes are the result of an imbalance of the muscle and tendon structure to the toes. Hammer toes are also caused by shoes that are too tight in the toe box or shoes that have high heels. Under these conditions, your toe may be forced against the front of your shoe, resulting in an unnatural bending of your toe and a hammer-like or claw-like appearance occurs.

Corey's Bootery Certified Pedorthist Recommendations:

In treating hammer toes our Certified Pedorthists recommend; Properly fit depth shoes, metatarsal pad if the hammer toe is reducible, accomodative orthotics, full steel shank or carbon plates if deformity is not reducible, rocker soles and toe crests. If you are experiencing hammer toes, we recommend a visit to your podiatrist/orthopedist for a consultation and a prescription. Please click here for a list of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area providers.