Charcot Marie Toothe


Charcot Marie Toothe (CMT) is a disease is usually inherited and is a slowly progressive disease marked by muscle weakness in the feet, lower legs, hands and forearms. The weakness is a result from the degeneration of nerves, not the muscle tissue. People with charcot marie toothe typically have a pes cavus foot type. This means an extremely high arch and ankle that tends to roll outwards. Many times their is callussing underneath the base of the first metatarsal, or history of a broken, or fractured 5th metatarsal. Most times Charcot Marie Toothe is found in the parents or family of the effected person and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further issues.


Charcot Marie Toothe is a genetic disease with five known genetic causes.


Treatment for Charcot Marie Toothe can range from reconstructive surgery to conservative treatments this depends on the age and range of motion of the patient. In younger patients with good flexiblity a custom orthotic and properly fit neutral shoe can provide increased stability and relief of pressure or callussing. In patients that have limited range of motion surgical reconstruction of the ankle/foot is reccommended. Corey's Bootery reccommends talking with your podiatrist or orthopaedic surgeon for his opinion on treatment options and proper diagnosis.