I have had orthotics in the past from the podiatrist but they were too hard. Are Corey's different?

This is typically due to the procedure and material used. Most custom-made orthotics are sent to a lab after the feet have been casted. Orthotic labs are typically so large that they have to start to perform more generic types of orthotics in order to keep cost low, turnover fast, and a consistent product. Our staff at Corey's Bootery is aware of this and has seen it first hand. If you order a custom orthotic from Corey's Bootery, you will receive a pair of custom-made foot orthotics that are specific to your feet and custom to each foot. No two feet are the same, however, you will often see orthotics that are symmetrical. This is typical of a mass production lab. This is why Corey's Bootery's custom insoles are such a great choice.